Sunday, May 10, 2009

sports day 09..hijau rox socks everyday,,

i dunno wat i hav been told.
sumone here jus doesnt noe..
hijau v said..
hijau rox socks everyday..

stomp on ur left foot,
i wanna hear ur left foot.
moti moti we got a lot of motivation
Dedi-de we got a lot of dedication
Who's call?HIJAU!
hijau rox..hijau rox..
hijau hijau hijau hijau hijau rox rox rox
(created by sook.daddy)

let's get physical ,get hard get tough get mean,
lets get physical, n beat d other team,
v r number 1 , not 2 ,not 3 ,not 4,
v r gonna win not lose not tight a score,
hijau yea,hijay yeah,hijau hijau hijau WOO!!!
(created dy Semangat :),movement added by daddy!)

boom snap clap ,boom boom snap clap,snap boom sap clap ,boom boom snap

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