Monday, August 11, 2008

bulan penghayatan performance!!! 11/8

performance of bulan penghayatan!!!
on the morning when i opened my eye,,i unwilling to do so...
i wanne to sleep more..still tired,..but finally i woke up 5 mins ltr..
my mind remineded me today i gt performance ltr..cant be late anyway..
1st,i saw lao gong's msg..he accidentally fal into slept yesteday nite..i knew dat..he was so tiring of studies..hope the suffer time can pass faster 4 him..n i was eagerly waiting ast or sun to meet wif him..1 monthx more,,missing him,,hehe,,:p
den everything not ready yet..make up hvnt put.
daddy nagging edy..wanna went off early..fine den..
after reached school,responsible to teach then 'open voice'..their discipline not reli good..
kept on talking..reli voices to shout wif them..foucus on reminded their faces expression,smile,vocal,n phrase..v waited at lab 4 a long time oni perform...sien..
but i used most of the tie singing others song wif my buddies..
enjoys it lots..elecom sound system reli bad!!mr michael did not noe abou choir..
wana us sinaa loud!but our choir can be bersemangat,cant be shouted!!dis is the principle of singing,,..although performing not well..i will try my hard to improve their vocal!
sejerah quest cancelled..waited alog at choir room..spotcheck dat day..
afternnon performed again..i was quite happy dat f2 n f1 students r supportive..
eveing rushed bak to tuition..damned tired,,,my eye..!!enjoys my day??maybe..
but at nite lao gong having exam..i support him by heart!!!love u always...small angels flying around!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

sunway pyramid..

i noe dat lao gong damn tired on tat day...anway,,
safetyness i gav cconforted u..haha...will always prepare 4 lao gong..muackx..sweets
sumone calling me mrs foon ar ,lao gong