Friday, December 26, 2008

christmas day--25th dec 08

early on d morning,i went church 4 choir performances n christmas service ..
yi wen n shi han baptised on these day..everyone were glad to their new born in life..congraz!
god will lead their future..after choir performaces,v taken sum photos..after dat went summit 4 a shopping wif christmas present got from there..
at nite went hers hs wif grandparents,v played mahjong,drank white wine,beer..nn..

tis was the end of christmas day..

photos tat taken wif my darling during x'mas!!

sp! mv

things tat happened after 9th of nov

11th of n my family had a trip on tasik titiwangsa !

these r the photo tat i went klcc and the curve..klcc wif my darling,v went pc fair,shopping..
at the curve,v ate italianics tat recommended by my darling..did enjoy the time spend wif him so so much!!

hehe..dis is the christmas tree tat i decorated by my ownself at my 1st time!!wasted 3 hrs!but i reli felt satisfied wif it..

haha..dis was wat i saw on 1st of dec..smiley moon!! but i couldnt take the pic clearly ..anyway,was so happy to c tat by my own eye..

5th of dec..da gor gor,zhi heng,gary n me went sp 4 ice skate..hehe..sumone belanja me ate subway..thx