Thursday, October 30, 2008


All of tis is 4 lao gong's..

lao po's flavour..haha..u wil lik it..

i made 9 cups of cakes..
where is another 1?
oh..let's me think.

today is ..30th of oct..
i did hav a long time dint care bou my blog..
but anyway,i dint use to write my feelings or story on here.
since,,,i got a better way???maybe write it on a diary and oni show it to my oni one..
haha..but i jus think of it's jus a idea..add on,i dint repel my blog to anyone..
oftenly,i always think of him,,,miz him so so much..every movement..izit a kind of disease??haha
but i think is gud 4 me..i nid him in my life eagerly..
keke..y say til there..ok..let's start off bou today..
today today??time pass so fast..
i did learn sum new thing today..below r sum cakes tat i made..
but quite sad was tat i cant send it to him.lao gong..!!!!
after u bak i will make 4 u again..or anything better tat v can make together wif own hand??haha
wanna serve him 4ever!!
hmm,,my fren said tat i did use hand to draw the decoration on the cake..i keep an eye on it..
actuaaly dint agree aso...jus thinking bou wanna make 4 him... heart 4 u!!!!
combination of name n name>,< ^Philip & Zulynn^