Friday, December 26, 2008

christmas day--25th dec 08

early on d morning,i went church 4 choir performances n christmas service ..
yi wen n shi han baptised on these day..everyone were glad to their new born in life..congraz!
god will lead their future..after choir performaces,v taken sum photos..after dat went summit 4 a shopping wif christmas present got from there..
at nite went hers hs wif grandparents,v played mahjong,drank white wine,beer..nn..

tis was the end of christmas day..

photos tat taken wif my darling during x'mas!!

sp! mv

things tat happened after 9th of nov

11th of n my family had a trip on tasik titiwangsa !

these r the photo tat i went klcc and the curve..klcc wif my darling,v went pc fair,shopping..
at the curve,v ate italianics tat recommended by my darling..did enjoy the time spend wif him so so much!!

hehe..dis is the christmas tree tat i decorated by my ownself at my 1st time!!wasted 3 hrs!but i reli felt satisfied wif it..

haha..dis was wat i saw on 1st of dec..smiley moon!! but i couldnt take the pic clearly ..anyway,was so happy to c tat by my own eye..

5th of dec..da gor gor,zhi heng,gary n me went sp 4 ice skate..hehe..sumone belanja me ate subway..thx

Sunday, November 9, 2008

这 星 期。。。 等 哦。。

三 个 月 时 间 很 快 就 过 了。。 主 宁。。 加 油!! 还 有 一 星 期 加 一 天。。
好 兴 奋 哟。。 昨 天 去 了 精 武 义 卖 会。。 好 可 爱 的 小 朋 友。。
以 前 的 我 是 否 也 如 此 呢?? 嗯。。 好 像 很 挑 皮。。 呵 呵、、
看 回 以 前 的 照 片 就 懂 了。。 不 许 秀。。 呵 吖。。

太 平 之 旅

嗯。。 差 点 把 你 给 遗 忘 了 哟。。
上 星 期 和 教 会 的 一 般 年 青 人 到 那 去。。 两 天 一 日 游 的 营 会。。
只 能 说 在 途 中。。 叽 叽 喳 喳 地。。 嘴 巴 未 曾 停 过。。 不 时 不 时 用 歌 曲 来 娱 悦 心 情。。
欣 赏 这 南 北 大 道 之 青 葱 的 景 色, 配 合 唱 歌 的 心 情。。 好 久 好 久 没 乱 唱 了。。 而 且 还 是 自 点 自 唱 哟。。 五 小 时 的 车 程。。 一 点 都 不 闷。。 闷 从 来 都 不 会 浮 现 在 我 脑 海 中!!
先 到 的 是 别 墅 哦,, 从 没 想 过 是 它!! 哈。。 躺 在 一 人 一 张 的 床 上,, 爽?? 当 然,,
看 者 电 视 赖 这 不 走。。 最 终 被 赶 出 来 了。。 听 唱 诗 赞 美 时 间。。 还 有 破 冰,, 这 不 是 一 般 的 青 年 人。。 是 主 内 的 孩 子。。 再 次 提 醒 我 教 会 是 一 个 肢 体 得 互 相 服 侍。。 不 能 缺 了 一 个。。 爱 人 的 象 爱 自 己 一 样。。 事 奉 不 是 工 作。。 工 作 不 是 事 奉。。 完 全 是 甘 心 乐 意 的。。
哦。。 对。。 这 之 后。。 我 们 到。。 到。。 纪 念 碑 去。。 和 勇 猛 的 英 殖 时 期 牺 牲 的 兵 士 拍 照。。 很 怪 吧T。T。。 也 没 想 到 会 同 从 沙 巴 来 的 哥 姐 姐 同 去 闹 墓。。 哈 哈、、 他 们 竟 然 能 一 个 一 个 研 究 去。。

不 过 说 老 实 的 哦。。 本 人 以 他 们 的 精 神 引 以 为 荣 哟。。 想 必 你 也 没 试 过 吧??
接 下 来。。 太 平 湖 之 景。。 是 情 侣 的 好 去 处。。 拜 托,, 主 宁, 你 在 想 些 什 么 呢??
就 只 想 和 他 一 起 看 嘛。。 他 要 回 来 了,, 无 奈 的 日 子,。。 等 待 的 渴 望 日 子 到 来 的 期 待。。 哈 哈。。 我 也 不 明。。 夕 阳 无 限 好, 只 是 近 黄 昏,, 但 我 相 信 只 要 把 握 最 美 的, 就 足 够 了。。

这 是XX 树。。 给 人 一 种 忧 郁 中 之 喜。 看 到 的 是 希 望 之 光,, 天 不 作 美。。 雨, 还 是 下 了。。 我 喜 欢 雨。。 但 是 还 是 感 叹 下 不 了 去,, 爱 摄 影 的 我 也 少 了 机 会。。
晚 上 还 有night safari。。 感 觉 上 的 的 确 确 是 比 国 家 公 园 来 得 好。。
走 在 雨 后 的 空 气 特 别 清 爽。。 思 念 更 加 沉 重。。
要 是 动 物 们 都 能 理 解 我 心 情 就 好。。

Thursday, October 30, 2008


All of tis is 4 lao gong's..

lao po's flavour..haha..u wil lik it..

i made 9 cups of cakes..
where is another 1?
oh..let's me think.

today is ..30th of oct..
i did hav a long time dint care bou my blog..
but anyway,i dint use to write my feelings or story on here.
since,,,i got a better way???maybe write it on a diary and oni show it to my oni one..
haha..but i jus think of it's jus a idea..add on,i dint repel my blog to anyone..
oftenly,i always think of him,,,miz him so so much..every movement..izit a kind of disease??haha
but i think is gud 4 me..i nid him in my life eagerly..
keke..y say til there..ok..let's start off bou today..
today today??time pass so fast..
i did learn sum new thing today..below r sum cakes tat i made..
but quite sad was tat i cant send it to him.lao gong..!!!!
after u bak i will make 4 u again..or anything better tat v can make together wif own hand??haha
wanna serve him 4ever!!
hmm,,my fren said tat i did use hand to draw the decoration on the cake..i keep an eye on it..
actuaaly dint agree aso...jus thinking bou wanna make 4 him... heart 4 u!!!!
combination of name n name>,< ^Philip & Zulynn^

Monday, August 11, 2008

bulan penghayatan performance!!! 11/8

performance of bulan penghayatan!!!
on the morning when i opened my eye,,i unwilling to do so...
i wanne to sleep more..still tired,..but finally i woke up 5 mins ltr..
my mind remineded me today i gt performance ltr..cant be late anyway..
1st,i saw lao gong's msg..he accidentally fal into slept yesteday nite..i knew dat..he was so tiring of studies..hope the suffer time can pass faster 4 him..n i was eagerly waiting ast or sun to meet wif him..1 monthx more,,missing him,,hehe,,:p
den everything not ready yet..make up hvnt put.
daddy nagging edy..wanna went off early..fine den..
after reached school,responsible to teach then 'open voice'..their discipline not reli good..
kept on talking..reli voices to shout wif them..foucus on reminded their faces expression,smile,vocal,n phrase..v waited at lab 4 a long time oni perform...sien..
but i used most of the tie singing others song wif my buddies..
enjoys it lots..elecom sound system reli bad!!mr michael did not noe abou choir..
wana us sinaa loud!but our choir can be bersemangat,cant be shouted!!dis is the principle of singing,,..although performing not well..i will try my hard to improve their vocal!
sejerah quest cancelled..waited alog at choir room..spotcheck dat day..
afternnon performed again..i was quite happy dat f2 n f1 students r supportive..
eveing rushed bak to tuition..damned tired,,,my eye..!!enjoys my day??maybe..
but at nite lao gong having exam..i support him by heart!!!love u always...small angels flying around!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

sunway pyramid..

i noe dat lao gong damn tired on tat day...anway,,
safetyness i gav cconforted u..haha...will always prepare 4 lao gong..muackx..sweets
sumone calling me mrs foon ar ,lao gong

Friday, January 25, 2008

a pressured day

i feel unmoody today,
since yesterday,
i hvnt finished yet my add math hw...i religet angry wif tat..
but wat can i do..
i feel tired n jus sleep earlier...
today again...i feel disapponted in learning mathx...
how can i cope this problemm..
the whole day,wether was so hot...
sweating all the day...
even when having physics.,,i slept...
having bkb training too..

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sporty day...but guilty feelings...

after a thaipusam rest,
i definately try to suit myself in sports..
i noe tat i cant buld up my stamina well in a short time,
but i try my hard..
today is a combination of practise wif yellow n red house...'
v all ate together wif bkb member...
then cousin bro suddenly called me..
n he sat there,,,
anyway, i pretended ntg....
after running,
i went bkb match wif them,...such a fun..
he there too..
i keep it on to scream lol..
after 4pm i went to eye clinic to check up my flitting flies..
but ntg wif it,...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sadness abou Su Xuan>...

On tuesday,
Su xuan suddenly sat beside me n chat wif me..
i noe she got sum sad thing to share wif me..
she told me tat..
her's ''nai ma'' passed away las friday n yesterday ended her funeral..
she was totally upset coz noone inform her to attend the funeral..
SAD!!!n upset..
she did cry the whole day..
n i was jus listen to her.
is scared tat she cant suffer tis...
add on,she grandmum might pass away anytime aso..
i reli pity her,,,
hope she can tough in her life...
i will always supports u n besude to u listening ur feelings...


19th of jan....
i went Genting of all my relatives..
with a unwilling mood,,reached there edi nite time..
at the midnite....
i went to have a super time wif my uncle n sis..
reli ke xi tat MING REN closed edi..
thus,v went hai nan...the fish chop was so cha...

20th of jan...
the second day...
i went theme parkk....
reli enjot to be wif them...
have a dun time wif them,...
regret cant go 4 xue you's concert...

21th of jan...
the another day..
when i swtiched on my hp,
i received a msg...
he waana breake..
fine..i dun care..dun reply at all...
tis is the end---\
who can..comfort me??

This year,2008...i had prepared to face my challenging life!!!!!!!!

I know tis year reli reli i have to able to suit myself wif my environment n post tat i hold...
I start my form 4 ,s4's life....
i had set a target 4 myself...
1. i wanna to study hard...
but i noe i unable to do it...becoz i got to handle so many activities...
such as class got 49 ppl...
2.i trying hard to be a responsible representative of chinese subject..
wif my fren yee fang...i am willing to help pn tan coz i love her so much..
she tried to give me advice to choose a song b4...i wanna appreciate her so much..THX..
3.tis year my stamina dropped a lot as i realised tat i had been a long time dint go 4 any exercise..
coz of lazyness??sort of...but the main problem is i cant solve my heart problem..
i reli afraid of anything sports related to running..
maybe coz of my physical problem..
i barely to breath n almost fainted while running...
BUT i have to solve it..
tis year i will be having a comp..
which me all the luck+hardworking..
4.otherthan tat,i have been elected as a vice captain of green house..
i reli couldnt expect tat happened at me..
a DREAm tat i dint think be..
but sure one i can confirm tat my fren give me support..thx ...reli..
n may glory to my LORD...HE wanna me to experience to do it well...
but my sports reli dropped..i have to chase up be merentas desa!!!
5.Choir 's leader of soprano aso is my another challenge...
As i am i students who super duple loves to sing,
i choose to teach my gangs to sing...n v cooperate wif each other..
CHS CHOIR..always the best......V must do our best...!!!!!!! relationship problem...
i involved twice..i dun hope to get into it again when i am still studyin...
dun pls..dun,,,,i have no more safety on any guys,..PM teacher had told us a very very sad
facts abou a girl who...........i dun depands on them
7...Church> 2nd home...i have to learn to promote my jurnal....
gambateh..cheng ye laoshi must teach me..waiting him bak from sabah
8..i will be having a violin exam dis year ..grade 7...
thus...must do well..or else i will be regret..